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[collection name]: Zaoguangxu Yuanbao, Hubei Province


Class: Coins



Yuanbao of Guangxu mainly started from the 26th year (1900) to the 31st year (1905). In this period, the characters of Guangxu Yuanbao were found everywhere. There are two characters of "Hubu" on the obverse of the mint, and provincial names and place names on the obverse or on the left and right of the mint. During this period, all factories and bureaus did their best to design by themselves, and a large number of dragon pictures and patterns with local characteristics appeared, which was the period with the most varieties of copper coins, the richest patterns and the most complicated layout. Guangxu was the first emperor of Qing Dynasty to use machine to make coins. As the first group of machine-made coins in Qing Dynasty, the historical value of Guangxu Yuanbao is also very high. Guangxu Yuanbao is the product of the reform system implemented in the late Qing Dynasty. It is a treasure of coin lovers with novel planning and exquisite manufacturing.



Hubei Mint is one of the earliest provinces to produce silver coins after Guangdong mint. In 1893, Zhang Zhidong, governor of Guangdong Province and Guangdong Province, set up a mint in Wuchang, Hubei Province. When the silver coins were first minted, the left and right Longtu had different lengths, which was different from that of other provinces. Later, when they were recovered and recasted, the left and right Longtu had to be recasted, but they were not destroyed And most of them are worn or punctured, which is extremely rare. Silver dollars were quickly withdrawn from circulation and destroyed and recast in a state of impenetrable obstruction, few of which have survived to this day. There should be five kinds of silver dragon pictures with different lengths. At present, there are only three kinds of silver dragon pictures: one yuan, two jiao and one jiao. The qu「MonkeyLearn」获种子轮 220 万美元融资,用于构建无代码 AI 文本分析服务平台_详细解读antity of silver dragon pictures is very rare, especially the good ones.