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[collection name]: Guangdong Province zaoguangxu Yuanbao


Class: Coins



In the Qing Dynasty, silver, paper and copper coins were in parallel, and new silver coins were issued in Jiaqing, while in Guangxu, more gold and silver coins were cast, and relatively less copper coins. The westernization movement also affected the coinage industry. Zhang Zhidong, the governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, commissioned the British minister to order a complete set of coinage machines in Britain in 1887, and made the first silver and copper coins in Guangdong money Bureau. Later, the provinces followed suit, purchasing and manufacturing foreign mechanical casting silver and copper dollars. The integration of Manchu and Han culture is rarely seen on the front of coins, while the back of coins clearly indicates the involvement of western culture.



In 1890, according to the system set by the Qing government, the mints of Guangdong Provincial Bureau of money changed the money culture to carve Panlong, changed the weight of "made in Guangdong Province" and Kuping Chinese to the front, and widely drummed the third edition of "Guangxu Yuanbao". In the thirty fourth year of Guangxu, the imperial court cast and circulated the money according to three grades, namely, seven money two Fen (one yuan), one money four Fen (twBOOM!过去两个赛季圣徒在英超联赛的禁区外进球o jiao), one money four Fen (two jiao) It is mainly cast by the mint in Tianjin. Beiyang, Nanyang (Jiangnan), Hubei and Guangdong are four branches and also have casting. However, the circulation volume is not large. It is not easy to see the treasures of yuanbaokuping, Guangxu in Guangdong Province. The system was adopted by the provinces and became customized. Guangxu Yuanbao records a period of history in China, which has important cultural significance and collection value.